Healthwatch Gateshead and Healthwatch Newcastle welcome New Research and Engagement Manager

Healthwatch Gateshead proudly announces the appointment of Afsana Begum as their dynamic new Research and Engagement Manager. Armed with an impressive degree in Public Health, Afsana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will further invigorate the organisations' commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of individuals accessing health and social care services in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Afsana, honed her passion for research and data analysis during her academic journey. These skills are now at the core of her role as Research and Engagement Manager. She possesses an exceptional ability to extract patterns in data and statistics, a talent she harnesses to elevate the quality of service she delivers to the organisation.

Prior to joining Healthwatch Gateshead and Healthwatch Newcastle, Afsana made substantial contributions to her community. Her career kick-started by assisting individuals in Gateshead facing various challenges, including mental health issues. Her unwavering dedication to aiding others naturally led her to focus on health improvement, where she has made a significant impact on.

In her newfound role as Research and Engagement Manager, Afsana champions the voices of service users in Gateshead and Newcastle. She spearheads initiatives to listen to their needs, transform them into comprehensive reports, and ensure the findings reach the desks of commissioners and stakeholders. Her mission is to pave the way for a future where health and social care service gaps are promptly identified and actioned on to offer unparalleled support to the community

But what truly sets Afsana apart is her profound commitment to mental health and the well-being of individuals in Gateshead and Newcastle. Her dedication to this cause stems from a heartfelt desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those grappling with mental health challenges. She firmly believes that accessible and effective mental health services are the cornerstone of community health and happiness. Through tireless advocacy, education, and collaboration with local organisations and professionals, Afsana is resolute in her mission to raise awareness and enhance access to mental health services for residents.

"This role is tailor-made for me. It combines my passion for research with my academic qualifications in public health. I am eager to create meaningful change," said Afsana.

Yvonne Probert, CEO of Tell Us North (CIC), an organisation specialising in community engagement, research, evaluation, and assessment in the fields of health, well-being, and social care, also oversees Healthwatch Gateshead and Healthwatch Newcastle . Yvonne expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Afsana to our team. Her fervour for enhancing community health, her extensive knowledge, and collaborative spirit will undoubtedly propel our mission to make Gateshead and Newcastle a healthier place for all."