Colonoscopy confidence

We know some people feel anxious or worried when they’re told they need a colonoscopy but it’s important to have this test if you’re referred. Bowel Cancer UK has launched the Colonoscopy Confidence campaign to explain what a colonoscopy is, why it matters and encourage people to attend their appointment.

Your doctor may ask you to have a colonoscopy because they suspect something isn’t quite right about your bowel or colon and they’d like a specialist to take a closer look. The procedure involves an endoscopist putting a thin flexible tube with a camera on the end up your bottom so they can see the inside of your bowel.

Colonoscopy is a very common procedure – thousands are carried out across the UK every week. Colonoscopies give endoscopists a close-up view of the inside of your bowel so they can see if there’s anything wrong. A colonoscopy can feel a little uncomfortable but it’s an important part of maintaining good all-round health.

Most people who have a colonoscopy won’t have bowel cancer. However, if bowel cancer is detected at its earliest stage nearly everybody is treated successfully. That’s why if you have an appointment for a colonoscopy, it is really important that you attend. Keep your bowel in good health!

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